The Global Flood Awareness System is developed in partnership, led by the European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC)

The European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Manages the system and contributes to further research and development, rigorous testing and adaptations of the system.

The European Centre For Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Provides the medium range weather forecasts used in GloFAS and operates the computational centre. It further contributes to the research and development and supports data requests.

The University of Reading

Contributes to GloFAS by providing research that supports the development of the HTESSEL land surface model, evaluation of GloFAS forecast skill and the integration of GloFAS model output with decision-making.

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Evaluates and monitors the GloFAS model in several flood-prone locations of the world, and uses operational forecasts to trigger action to prepare for flooding. The Climate Centre provides feedback on model performance to inform further research.