Implemented by the European Commission as part of the Copernicus Programme

GloFAS and GFM Annual Surveys

GloFAS and Global Flood Monitoring Annual Surveys are conducted with the purpose to learn more about the users’ satisfaction and to identify areas of improvement in order to assure that future developments follow the needs of the community of users.
The reports elaborated after collecting the results of each Annual Survey are available from this page. Each report presents the results of the survey as well as comments and further elaborations of the CEMS floods team. Moreover, the table below provides a summary of the main outcomes of each survey.

Survey reports We have been listening!
2021 - GloFAS Annual Survey - Report
The first Annual Survey was conducted in February 2022 and it gathered the feedback for the year 2021. This survey focused exclusively on the GloFAS service (the Global Flood Monitoring product was released in operation in 2022).

The results of the survey can be found in the attached document; a short summary of the main outcomes with specific focus on the action items is presented below.

The most preferred channel to access GloFAS products is the GloFAS webpage (91% of the responders). On average, 80% of the responders think the GloFAS layers are clearly explained and intuitive. The responders expressed interest in attending webinars, and they would like to receive updates via emails and posts on the GloFAS website. Nevertheless, the survey uncovered the need to improve communication about GloFAS resources (e.g. online documentation), data availability, and upcoming updates, and to facilitate the interactions between the users and the CEMS Floods team.

The following actions were completed within 1 year since the completion of the survey:
  • All the webinars can be accessed from this page.
  • New! A pop-up top banner is visible in the map viewer to facilitate the communication of relevant updates.
  • The online documentation available from the Forecast Wiki has been reviewed and expanded to include a user guide, instructions for data access, and advice on how to use the data.
  • The internal protocol to respond to the requests submitted via the GloFAS Contact Form has been reviewed.