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GloFAS system update: 24/7 service and extension to 30-day forecasts

Operational implementation:

GloFAS has been producing forecasts for the Copernicus Emergency Management service - Early Warning System since 2011 in a semi operational fashion without any time critical support. From the 23rd of April the system is running in the ECMWF operational environment as a 24/7 service. In practice this means a continuous monitoring of GloFAS production, with a team of experts on call to guarantee a timely delivery of the forecasts.

Improvement beyond 15 days forecasts:

A new GloFAS development has been implemented to upgrade the flood forecasts beyond day 15. Hydro-meteorological extended range forecasts from ECMWF’s Numerical Weather Predictions now provide forcing to GloFAS’ forecasts 16 to 30 days ahead. This enables more realistic streamflow predictions within the monthly forecast range, particularly in small to medium-size river basins.

By Zsoter Ervin     April 24, 2018, 7:59 a.m.