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LISFLOOD released as open source!

LISFLOOD is at the heart of the flood forecasting systems EFAS and GloFAS and contributing to the drought systems EDO and GDO. It furthermore has been used also frequently as a tool for general water management related issues including climate change projections of future water availability in Europe. Given the high interest in the model from universities, other research centres, as well as water authorities, LISFLOOD has now been released as a fully open-source code. Making the model open-source will increase transparency of model outputs for the users and will engage a large community of developers to further improve LISFLOOD.

In addition to LISFLOOD, there are also a number of related tools available such as LISVAP (calculates potential evapotranspiration in pre-processing mode) a model calibration tool, and some other utilities.

More info can be found on the repository:

By Peter Salamon     Sept. 20, 2019, 1:15 p.m.