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GloFAS v2.1 will be launched the 5th November 2019

Dear GloFAS users

In an effort to continuously improve GloFAS services and products, and following feedback from users, GloFAS v2.1 will be launched the 5th November 2019. The upgrade is twofold:

  • New products showing summary flood maps for three different forecast periods condensing the flood severity information into simple colour-coded maps and new static maps showing the GloFAS river network and the downstream impact of reservoirs. We believe these new products will help the interpretation of the forecasts.
  • New GloFAS v2.1 reanalysis based on the officially released ERA5 dataset with a minor change in the return period magnitude computation. This will have a generally small impact on the value of the warning thresholds used in to generate the reporting points shown in the GloFAS interface. Users are recommended to use the new GloFAS v2.1 thresholds, but can continue to use their own defined thresholds. Information on the change of the thresholds will be provided on the dedicated GloFAS wiki.

To help with a smooth transition, provisional GloFAS v2.1 reanalysis, reforecasts and thresholds (both for GloFAS 30-day and GloFAS Seasonal) will be made available on demand to GloFAS users from the 5th October.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the GloFAS team if you have any query at

The GloFAS team

By Maurizio Latini     Sept. 25, 2019, 4:41 p.m.