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New Website for the Copernicus Emergency Management Service

The  new  CEMS  website  is  here  with  improved  access  to  data  and  service components, a new FAQ section, and an intuitive layout:

Website visitors searching for a general overview of CEMS or a specific component will now find it easier than ever. The new layout reflects the presence of CEMS in each aspect of the disaster management cycle. Scroll through to read about and visualize CEMS’ 8 unique components.

A new FAQ section provides an extensive list of answers for curious CEMS users, journalists, policymakers and the public. Learn more about our impact in Europe and abroad, behind the scenes operations, support to policy, and much more. Looking for something else? Connect to one of our component’s subpages or contact the Support Office listed here.

Stay informed on CEMS reports, service activations, events and output through the news and social media channels featured on the main page. We operate 24/7, so check in regularly for updates and information. 

The new CEMS website design reflects the needs of our user community and welcomes visitors with easy to find information on this dynamic Copernicus service.  

For updates from this service, follow @CopernicusEMS on Twitter.

By Gabriele Mantovani     July 7, 2020, 12:04 p.m.